A completed map

The World Map of FEZ is a sprawling, 3D maze consisting of 138 individual Nodes. As Dot explains, each node represents a place in the world. Each node displaying an image inside of it indicates a node you have visited, whereas adjacent nodes that have not been explored are blank. A line connecting one node to another indicates direct access between those nodes, typically via a doorway.


The legend for the world map shows icons for Warp and Small Gates, Treasure Chests, Locked Doors, Cubes, Cube Bits, and Secrets. Once all these potential collectibles are obtained and all doorways to adjacent nodes discovered and traversed, a gold plating will surround the node indicating its completion.


The legend

Mapping out FEZEdit

One of the major goals of this Wiki is to fully map the FEZ universe. Each node will receive its own dedicated page, listing its contents and a slideshow displaying images of each side of the node (wherever possible); adjacent or otherwise related nodes will be hyperlinked within a node's page. Because no single node is more than four or five nodes from a Warp Gate, Warp gates will act as node hubs and be listed below. Other notable nodes with many adjacent nodes, such as the Village or the Cube Door node will receive similar treatment.

  • Village Hub node
  • Cube Door Hub node
  • Island Hub node
  • Graveyard Hub node
  • Ruins of Zu Hub node
  • Floating City Hub node
  • Sewer Hub node
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